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Usually get direct deposit on Thursday, it is not there yet. Did some searching and this seems common even though it's never happened to me.


i have the same issue today ! i'm not sure if it was my employer issue or was the USAA banking issue

I haven't received mine either! It's always on Thursday by 5am like clockwork! I have automatic bills set to post today, I am starting to panic. There is also nowhere at all I can deposit cash here! I am freaked.

Same here. No deposit today even though I usually receive one every Thursday. I also did some searching and found out that some members were experiencing some direct deposit problems yesterday as well.

Strange thing though. I got a deposit from one employer and not the other. ?????

Same here.  Get paid weekly and it's been deposited at 5am on Thursdays for years.  It's 8:29 and nada.

I am in the same boat..  I logged into my USAA account expecting to see my paycheck in there and its not there.  I usually pay my bills on the Thursday before payday.. 

I called USAAA and the person I spoke with said they are having issues and to just check in a couple of hours..  


Really that's not that great of a response..  

Did an online chat with Rachel L. who said that USAA is not having issues.  She said it's either my employer or the federal reserve which delayed the funds. 

Is anyone not seeing their direct deposit today?