I've been fairly impressed with USAA service since I started banking with them years ago. A couple days ago, I applied for a car loan on a used vehicle. It's an old car, which I understand represents a risk to the bank, so I had expected a fairly high interest rate. The woman I spoke with said 5.84% is what I would qualify for pending a credit check. I said okay, whatever, it hurt, but I understand the rate and why it's there, I will just pay it off quickly. She runs my credit and then offers me a 9.99% rate. I ask her what about the previous rate, and she told me she put some inaccurate information into the credit application before that gave me that rate. So.. this rep gave me inaccurate information by way of interest rate, put inaccurate information into the system which gave her that rate, and then did a hard credit pull on me, only to offer me almost double the rate! When I ask her about the issues, it just goes to damage control mode and I get nowhere.. I don't want tlanything outrageous, I just want USAA to make this right?


Hello and thank you for sharing your concern with us regarding the annual percentage rate for your auto loan request. I'm sorry for any disappointment we may have caused you regarding your request. We will research your concern and follow-up with you shortly. Thank you! - Darrell

I have had the same experience. USAA is not even in the ball park with auto loan interest. The lady. Assisting me told me to call back if I received a better offer from another bank. Why would I waste mytime.

I do feel that it is only fair that I post this update here.  USAA did make the situation right.  I was contacted by, if I recall correctly, the office of the CEO, and was advised that a review of the problem was conducted and they conceded that there was a mistake, and offered to honor the lower rate that was previously mentioned.  I did not go with USAA on the loan, as I have been routinely unimpressed with the offered interest rates.  I actually just bought ANOTHER vehicle, a 2014 Impala with 32,000 miles.  Was offered almost 4.84% from USAA with a great credit profile, never any late payments, and have had previous loans with them that have been paid of in full early.  Tried out another financial institution known for only lending to premium credit profiles, did a 5 minute application, was approved at less than half the interest rate, and funds were in my account by this morning.  When USAA has their promotions going on, they seem to be rather reasonable on their rates, almost great, but outside of a promotion, I find that they are not competitive.  Morale of the story, USAA did right by me, and I commend them for that.  I was not expecting it to happen, and was pleasantly surprised.  Unfortuantely, the market offered me a better option, and I took it.