Anyone having problems verifying PII when calling customer service?

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I phoned USAA recently. Upon the call connecting, I got the automated message that my phone number was recognized and how would I like to proceed.

When I got connected to a human, the CSA asked me to verify information. Which I have come to expect with USAA and any other company out there.

The problem with this call is I got asked FIVE questions before the CSA would let the call continue.

I appreciate USAA taking security seriously but this seems to be overkill. Especially since the USAA app gets worse and worse with every software release -- there still has to be a mechanism to call in and be treated properly when the app isn't working.

Has anyone else experienced such a similar example? It just seems to me that over the last 10 years, I've seen USAA's customer service erode -- it no longer stands out from the industry like it used to. USAA may as well be Chase or Wells Fargo and these days.


corn29, I am sorry to hear you feel this way. Member security is are one of our top priorities and we are always looking for ways to improve. I have shared your feedback with the appropriate team. Please let me know if there are any other questions I can help with. - Janay

> corn29, I am sorry to hear you feel this way


Feel what way???


That I'm questioning answering 5 authentication questions is excessive?


Or indicative of a CSA that hasn’t been trained properly?


Well, by way of comparison, how many other organizations out there have such requirements? No customer service department I have ever called.


Two factor authentication is just that – something I have & something I know. I have the phone number registered in your database. I provided my PIN and a security question answer. Please explain why the additional interview.

Please explain why 5 items of PII are now needed? Where does that standard come from – why not 6 or 10 then?


Moreover, I CLEARLY acknowledged that I appreciate USAA caring about security in the original post... so what was your response? To parrot the same thing I already wrote. How does that move the discussion along??? These aren’t rhetorical questions, I’d really like some direct answers without a scripted reply.

If you're going to respond to posts with templates and boilerplate, instead of addressing the content of the original post, please don't bother to respond -- it's insulting to your customers and their time.

corn29, I appreciate your concerns and would like to address your questions. I appreciate your long-time membership & trust, and the opportunity to review this.

For most inquiries, the 2 factor authentication is sufficient. However, if the inquiry includes any requests that are considered "high risk" more security questions are required.

Due to the nature of the topic, I'm not able to be too specific with each requirement for security reasons.

In order to properly answer what took place during your recent experience, I would need a bit more information, such as reason for the call, etc. We can also have the call reviewed and determine if there may be any coaching opportunities for the representative who assisted you. I'm available to discuss this via phone at your convenience. Please let me know the best time to reach you. Respectfully, ~ Lori

Lori.  Thanks for the reply.  No need to review the call... as that's water under the bridge now. I was just commenting on what appeared to be the policy.  


Janay's answer honestly though ticked me off.  Like I said, don't insult your customers by pandering to them with scripted replies.  I do understand your job isn't the easiest in the world though... there are some posts in the communities which make me shake my head at how they are written and how rude they can get.  I don't believe my original post was that though.


I will say the call wasn't anything special.  I was trying to get support for why multiple checks weren't suddenly scanning on the USAA mobile deposit app (which appears to be fixed with the latest release; I updated recently and have been able to scan checks again since the last update).


Thanks again for the response.  I guess my example appears to be something which doesn't happen often based upon your explanation.

I thank you for your follow-up reply as well corn29 ;)

I'm glad to hear the issue you were experiencing with the mobile app & depositing checks has been resolved and is now working properly for you.

Again, I appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns. I hope you're enjoying the beautiful fall weather we're experiencing here today. Take care ;) ~ Lori