Anybody receive their $300 for new checking account yet?

So USAA convinced me to open a checking account with them. I was told I would get $300 for opening and having two direct deposits over $250 by September 15. I've met this goal and have not fit the money yet. The rep on the phone days I'll get it no later than September 30th. I'm just wondering if anybody out there has got their money yet and how long it took after the second direct deposit. The September 30th thing seems a bit far off and that goes with the deadline of the 15th. So so any of you know anything?


I signed up as well for the same reasons back in may and still haven't received my 300 either. Was told the same as you by the phone rep.

I had seen that written too but just thought OK so if you deposit on the deadline it might take a couple weeks then. I really didn't expect there to be a delay though. I had been needing that extra money to help get things caught up. I'm hoping someone else will say that they got theirs!

Ryczar and Johnwayn37,


Thank you for your inquiry into the $300 offer for a new checking account with direct deposits. All members who qualify for the $300 bonus will receive the deposit no later than 09/30/2015. If you have not received the deposit by this date, please contact us at 1-800-531-8722. Thank you both for posting in the community.

This is not true or the people who are answering the phones in your checking account do not know what they are doing.  The offer showed in my account as accepted up to Sept 17, 2015 and now it is gone and USAA is stating that I never accepted.  They want me to show  a print screen where it shows accepted.  This is just a way to get out of paying and I have turned over to Missouri Attorney Generals Office today.

Everyone who was deceived needs to report to their Attorney General, and the Senate Banking Committee!

FYI -  call USAA and ask if they are going to report this income to the IRS on Form 1099-MISC.  Get the details. I'm a 25+ year USAA member and former IRS Examiner in the Austin, TX area.  I spoke with hundreds of taxpayers across the country in the particular department I work in over the years, about 'under-reported' income received from XYZ bank that had been reported in the taxpayer's name and SSN.   Most had no clue the incentive money given to them by the bank to open an account was considered reportable income. So 12 months later they received a letter from the IRS stating 'you may owe additional tax' + interest!!  You will want to be sure to include this money you receive from opening an account as a Form 1040, line 21 "other income" item. 


$200 - $300 might make enough difference to push you into a different tax bracket. 


Sorry to burst the bubble on this one, but throwing it out there in your "for what it's worth category."

Hi ironwill2654,

Thank you for your comment! Here is a little more information:


An account holder will receive a 1099-INT if the account holder:

    • Had combined interest earned and/or promotional credits received of $10.00 or more in the previous tax year.
    • Backup withholding for any amount in the previous tax year

Hope this helps clarify! Thank you!

FYI - tax rates are tiered, so when you say "push you into a different tax bracket" what you mean is that the $300 extra you receive may be taxed at a higher rate than the rest of your income.  For example, if the cutoff for your tax bracket is 40,000 and you receive the extra 300, putting you at 40,'ll only pay the "higher" tax on the amount OVER the 40,000 (which would be the $300) it's not like receiving extra money is going to make ALL your money be taxed at a higher rate.  just wanted to clarify.

AngelaCabanUSAA I already have been told that it will be no later than 9/30. This inquiryinquiry is to find out if anybody has already received it yet. 9/30 is kind of far off for those of us that already met the conditions. With the deadline being 9/15 I understand the no later than 9/30 part. I am just trying to find out if there is any hope that it will come sooner fit those of us that have already met the goal here. Does somebody push a button on this? It seems somebody could know something like "yeah it usually takes a couple c if weeks" I can't be there only guy asking about this.