So, since the non Coast Guard etc federal employees are getting very close to missing a second paycheck, has USAA opened this low interest loan up to all affected, yet?  Just curious at what point, if any, does USAA plan on doing this for all of it's affected members?  We know you certainly don't HAVE to offer us a loan, but you have many loyal members who would desperately love a similar offer at this point.  Thanks.




@AMP1919, We understand that some of our members who are federal employees are also impacted by the current government shutdown. USAA is offering up to a 90-day payment deferment on credit cards, up to a 60-day payment deferment on loans, and special payment arrangements for insurance on eligible accounts. So we can help determine the best option for you, we encourage you to contact us directly to discuss your specific situation, at 210-531-8722, or via secure online chat24/7 by selecting Contact Us from the HELP tab. ~ Samantha