I am completely annoyed and frustrated by the lack of support. USAA no longer has an affiliation with local Service Centers to conduct transactions with. Nor support from FedEx or UPS to mail checks free of charge to members; but now we have to use USPS and wait an additional week or more for checks to get processed and deposited. This is truly unacceptable. The reason I stayed with USAA was the convenience of getting things accomplished when I'm on the road.  


@1SGE, this is certainly not how we intend our members to feel. I've submitted your feedback and information to the appropriate department for review, and we'll follow up soon. Thank you. ~Holland

@1SG E, I understand your frustration. We value you taking the time to provide this feedback and has been submitted to the appropriate area for further review and consideration. Thank you and I hope you have a great day ~ Samantha