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I was able to add my USAA World Credit Card to Android Pay but having issue trying to add my usaa checking account Debit Card. Are debit cards supported in Android pay? It is showing USAA as a supported bank.



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It is my understanding that only credit cards are supported at this time, but I will double check. Thank you for posting!


Thanks for checking into it for me.



I just wanted to ask if there was any follow-up concerning debit cards being added to android pay. If not accepted at this time, will they be accepted in the near future.

An update on this would be greatly appreciated. I'm on of those people who couldn't add a grandfathered card through wallet and the AP app won't accept the debit card.

I am curious as Android Pay has my Debit Cards grandfathered over, but supposedly only for a "period of time".


Do we know yet when they will be fully supported???

Do you have any timeline on when Android Pay will support USAA debit card?

Do you have any timeline on when USAA debit card will support Android Pay?

It's on the FAQ for Android pay, "Members will be able to add their USAA American Express® and debit cards by mid-2016."

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I was able to add my old USAA debt card ot google wallet and android wallet, but when I received my new card it will not let me add it to androd wallet.  Why has these changed lately?

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I am not aware of any ongoing issues. I am following up with our technical team now to see what the problem could be. Thank you.