An automatic pay date is expiring How do I extend

Old Blue Goose


@Old Blue Goose, It depends on how the auto pay was set up. Can you explain what bill your referring to? I might also suggest replying in a private message. Here is how to reply in a private message. 

* Select username on the top right-hand corner >My Settings >Turn on Private Messages >Save. You may have to then log out and back in to refresh.

 * Then to send a PM select username >Envelope Icon >Send Private Message.  Thank you. ~ Suzy


 Two automatic payments from joint checking:  monthly property ins premium.                

also monthly transfer from checking to purchase $50 to ValueMutual Fund

@ Old Blue Goose, Ok thank you. I will forward your post to the insurance team in regards to the insurance premium. They can then forward you to investments to provide directions on how you can make those changes. Thank you. ~Suzy

@Old Blue Goose, the way your automatic payment for auto/property insurance is setup, it will not expire. As for the mutual fund, I will reach out to a specialist in that area that can provide assistance. Thank you! -Cynthia