After one year of asking for help, USAA has done nothing!

George C.

For the last twelve months, my son (18 yrs old) and I have had three contact episodes with USAA to fix the simplest issue--my son wants to view his accounts on USAA app. Three episodes-multiple convos with various USAA reps each time and it takes an hour to conclude. No hype-one hour. One year later despite "...we'll expedite this", "...we're sorry, we'll fix..." etc, NOTHING DONE. My son cannot simply view his balance. No app access. He's 18! You can't make this stuff up. George Clark


@George C, I can clearly understand your frustrations about your son's logging in issues and appreciate you sharing your feedback with us this morning.  I am forwarding your issue to the appropriate area for further review of yours and your son's experience.  ~ Marco