After 7 to 10 days wait on a check to bury my mom

Liberty oaks
Sent my beneficiary insurance check that I got due to the passing of my mom through fed ex and had it signed when it was received. They received n signed on Saturday at 11:19am. Called On Saturday rep told me that it will be deposited next business day. Check my acct today and it was not. Called today and the rep put me on hold only to tell me that the funds availability policy is not for mailed in checks and also to tell me after the 7 to 10 business days hold only $5000 would be available which I thought it was absurd that after waiting we will only receive partial of the check. I informed her that the money needs to be used for my mom's funeral is their anyway you can expedite it. The rep said that is their policy. I really wish they told us that before we joined which was 9 years ago. We have had bigger amounts in the past before being deposited through the military. This is the first time We mailed in a check to deposit because it was more than $10,000 limit to deposit through the app. I really wish we knew that the written fund availability policy was not for mailed checks. Then we would have opened an acct with Eglin federal credit Union. I don't think after 10 days of hold they will give us only $5000 of the $11,000 and have us make us wait for the rest to be deposited. To me that's red flags never have I ever heard a check being held more than 10 days specially from an insurance company that the bank they use is located in Virginia. It's bad enough I'm stressing that my husband makes it home safe from a war zone to attend my mom's funeral but I have to wait 7 to 10 business days to receive the money in order to do the funeral. Shame on you USAA. As soon as my husband comes home we will close our account and open an eglin federal credit union acct.


Liberty oaks - I am sorry to hear of the loss of your mother and first wish to express my condolences. Regarding the check, I have located your information. I will review the details of your situation and contact you shortly. Thanks for reaching out to us today. - Jason

Liberty oaks - Thank you for taking the time with me on the phone today. Please feel free to contact us again with any questions or concerns. - Jason

Thank you so much Jason for talking with me and assuring me that you will be following through with my deposit issue. I'm happy that you have fixed my deposit issue and I can now continue my mom's funeral. Thank you so much!

I know it's too much for folks to actually read the account Terms & Conditions, but at a minimum they could put on their thinking cap and reason through this.


Remotely deposited checks are virtually never scrutinized by a person.  Without going into an explanation of how to commit bank fraud, for all your bank knows you could be submitting for payment a piece of toiet paper with random MICR numbers on it.  When there are, as USAA routinely does for certain customers, no holds, it's because USAA trusts you.  There are usually no holds for credit-qualified customers.  


Actually, USAA policies are too lax, according to banking regulators.  They encourage all banks to treat remote check depsoits as unsecured 180-day personal loans.