Will there be any future support to add Robinhood as a non-USAA account to track investments? Would love to see that soon.


Hi, Crazymanhawk11. Thanks for reaching out! We have not been made aware of being able to add Robinhood as a non-USAA account. This is great feedback, though, and I'll be sure to share your comments with the appropriate area for further review. -Meredith

+1 for this

Please add Robinhood

Robin i know you it s husband you denied by but I have the ability as much as you so lets tell the bank how you and dee communicate .
I am responding to this feed about adding Robinhood and I see this was a year ago and it is still not available unfortunately. I would like to have access to the external investment accounts of both

@Diamond Lou, I will be sure to share your interest with the appropriate area for review. Thank you for your post. -Cynthia

Agreed. Robinhood would be a great addition. I am making all of my future stock and ETF purchases through them. 

+1 for add Robinhood

Robinhood should absolutely be added! I have all other financial accounts synced with USAA. Knowing that USAA charges more, almost double etrade I have continued using USAA for convenience even though you should do much better for loyal members and Veterans! But now, robinhood offers a similar service for free, which honestly will get my business no matter what. So if USAA wants to remain competitive and retain and still attract business, you will add robinhood to your line up, otherwise, the several times a day I do business on USAA to check stocks and make trades, well I'll have hardly any reason to log into USAA at all soon.