Actual sudden reason for signature card blocking all account access?

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What's up with the crude app request for a signature card? I suddenly literally can't access anything in banking nor my wife. Request popped up, and when I hit the "help/tell me more" button, the reason - I'm not kidding, have a screnshot - is "you need to do this or your account will be closed.".

That's not a reason, that's a threat. And after this many years of banking with you i find it insulting and downright disturbing to suddenly force an action w/o explanation just to see my account activity (while trying to handle a fraud claim with you no less.)

I'll look to call tomorrow to get my answer, and I really hope you reconsider this unfriendly approach.


@AvoidFirstName, I apologize for the trouble this has caused. I've sent your post for review and a member of our team will reach out to you once completed. Thank you. ~Holland