Accounts disappeared after being negative- Now in collections


My checking account went into a negative state, after I called and put a stop payment on an ACH that I did not approve. The creditor continued to try to pull the money every day and USAA continued to deny it and then hit me with a returned item fee and insufficient funds fee. This happened MULTIPLE times for about 2 weeks. Because of all of this going on, I missed my car insurance payment (with USAA, of course).  Then, one day I signed into my account and I have no information. They closed my checking, savings and insurance out. They then proceeded to send my info to a collections agency. I was not informed of the collections agency, until I tried opening a business account with Wells Fargo this morning and they denied me due to a bank account being closed with a negative balance. I can't work until I have a bank account to put my money in for the company.... 

Any ideas on how to get this resolved as quickly as possible? Of course, aside from paying off the collections agency and waiting 90 days for it to update on my credit.....  I am trying to avoid this due to time, obviously, but also due to the fact that it shouldn't have happened.... If only someone did their job correctly and actully stopped the ACH from going through..... 


@TexasLovesTexas, I regret your frustration with the handling of your bank account. I will engage a banking expert to review your situation further. Please allow sufficient time for completion of their review and we will follow up with you. - Ben