If I'm not a former or current military member, spouse or adult child but I'm on a members account as a secondary account holder can I open a separate account for myself?


@NellisLife, a current bank account holder is eligible to establish their own bank products even if their are not former military members. I hope this helps. Thank you. - Rhonda

When did this start as before I was added to the members account they were told the only way I could have an account with USAA was to be placed on an account with a member? This was said back in September.

@NellisLife, you are correct that a non-eligible party is not able to establish their own bank accounts unless added to an account with an eligible member. Once a party has an active bank account with a member they are able to continue banking with USAA as long as they remain in good standing. This would include opening a new bank account. Thank you. - Rhonda