Account Messaging Setting shutting off by itself


The last month or so, the account messaging settings I have set to notify me about withdrawls, deposits and daily account balances keep getting shut off by themselves on my checking and saving accounts prompting me to go into my account and renable them. However, my credit card settings stay in tact. Is there any way to prevent this?


Everything was working fine until a month or two ago. I have these messages set up to prevent any fraudulant activity on my accounts and to keep track of transactions, so any help would be greatly appreciated.


wxboss- We never want you to have a poor experience. Regrettably, we cannot address technical issues on the member community. Please call 877-632-3002 and say "technical support," when prompted for assistance with this issue. Thanks for speaking up today.; - Jason

Be careful with their app! That's exactly how my issue started. It stopped working all together and eventually it stopped accepting payments AT ALL. It was a battle of about 6 months: Calling in, being forwarded to someone who couldn't solve the problem, attempting to pay on the website instead, and finally, they closed my account and deleted my records. Now I can't open a new credit card because they ruined my reputation on my credit report. It looks like I wasn't a responsible person. 


They owe me money from the late fees that shouldn't have been late and it's been about a year. This is a faceless organization, and they will NOT help you. Please, please reconsider USAA. 


I'm going mad over here. I'm serious, leave USAA now before they screw you over too. I had a simple technical error that happened in their app. Now I'm struggling to get a credit card so I can fix what they did to me.