I have been a member with USAA for a little over a year now and use them for my primary banking instituation. For the past year, each and every time I get paid, I use the Deposit@Mobile feature to deposit my checks (Paycheck and Commission checks) and never had any issues at all. Funds have always been made available immediatly and I was very satisfied with the service. 


However, last week when I got paid, I did the exact same thing as I always do every time I get paid except that few hours later, USAA put my account on lock and credit only for a 3 day review. The only way I found out is when my card was declined when I was trying to put gas. How absurd is that to not even contact me to let me know about the situation. Whenever I try to call them to find out what's going on with my account  I get the same response all the time that is not helping ... "your account is on a 3 day review" "We don't know any more than that" "Your account is on a credit only and you cannot transfer or withdraw money". Up until today, not only that I still don't know why my account has been locked and on a 3 day review but it's now been 7 days going into the 8th day. This is insance and it's my earned money that I worked for. At first, I thought that maybe it was my paychecks that was causing a red flag but it's been over a year that I deposit my paychecks from the same employer to my account using the same feature. I made sure with my employer as well that the checks are good and he confirmed to me that it also cleared his bank already.


I have bills, credit cards, rent and a car payment that are now past due. I am getting late fees and miss payment reported to the credit bureaus and can't even pay their own USAA credit card that with them. I have to borrow money to friends and relatives just for gas and food to survive. I'm sure to USAA they could care less about all that is happening. 


This is very frustrating, actually that is beyond frustrating, it's outrageous to not have access to my funds, not even knowing why this is happening and get no help at all when I call. How long more is this gonna drag for their review? I will definitely be leaving USAA once this is resolved. 


I am going through the same thing right now. Started Wednesday afternoon, now they are telling me that I might not have access until next Tuesday because of the Memorial Day weekend. I have family coming to town to stay with us and I can't get to any of our accounts. No explanation, nothing we just have to sit here while someone does something about something. It's insanity. There should be 24/7 people working on this kind of thing if they are going to lock up primary bank accounts like this. If I don't have resolution tomorrow, I think I will take my business elsewhere.
I am also going through the same situation. I just left San Antonio a week and a half ago from Houston to ensure a one time visit. Now, I've been waiting on my funds to clear this entire time and I find out that they won't because my account is in credit status. I have no idea why the banker I worked with wouldn't alert me of this beforehand. Now, to see that others are experiencing the same it makes me uneasy. I'm not sure if I'll switch institutions however I have lost trust and will NOT ever recommend another again.

Mila93 - Thanks for speaking up. I have located your information. I will review the situation and contact you shortly. - Jason


Hi I've been having the exact same issue for a few weeks now, and haven't received a solid answer as to why my account has been locked under review. It's been this way for roughly 3 weeks now and is placing me and my family in quite a bind.

Hello @Bothomas, I have been able to locate your profile and have escalated your concerns to the appropriate area for review. Once reviewed they will be in contact thank you. -Emily

Mila93 - I attempted to reach you by phone but was unsuccessful and unable to leave a voice message. I sent a detailed message via our secure Message Center on usaa.com. You can access the messages by clicking your name > Inbox > My Messages(on the next screen). Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions or concerns. - Jason

I need assistance as well & it needs to be ASAP!