ATM withdrawal issues at Bank of America ATMs


My USAA debit card is not working at Bank of America ATMs. We have a BoA ATM at my workplace in Florida and I've recently tried to withdraw money and have gotten a "sorry, we are temporarily unable to complete your transaction at this time" error message. I used to be able to get money from that ATM and I thought it must have been something with that ATM in particular which was causing the problem, but I went to an actual BoA the other day on teh way to work and received the same error message at the drive thru ATM. Does this have something to do with USAA and BoAs relationship? If not, why would I be having these problems? Please advise


GKru - Sorry to hear you are having difficulty. There are currently no known issues with debit card use at Bank of America ATM's . It may be a local issue with the machine you tried? I hope this information is helpful. - Jason

Yes, there are problems with Bank of America ATMs. It started in December 2018, specifically at least 3 BoA ATM machines at the DFW airport. The ATM just suddenly cancels the transaction. What's up, USAA?

I'm having the same issue. In the last week I've tried both of my cards (I have 2 checking accounts) at multiple ATM machines (at one BofA branch). If it helps, I'm located in Southern California.

@dmvcomics, I am very sorry to hear that your experiencing difficulty with using your USAA cards at an ATM. We would very much appreciate dates and times where these issues occurred. That would greatly help us identify the exact issue occurring. Please reply in a private message if you do have a specific date & time. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. ~ Suzy 

Private message sent. Hope I've provided some info that will help track down the issue. Thanks for your assistance!

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I have had this same issue here in SOCAL for the last 6 months since my son was born. I finally went into the BofA and asked the clerk and she hadn’t heard of the issue either. But it’s been happening for at least the last 6 months. Please figure out this issue USAA.

@Baby Doc88, that's quite some time to be having these troubles. Is it consistently at the same location, or at a variety of locations? Please let us know so I can pass along the feedback to the appropriate team. Thanks! ~Holland

I have also been unable to use my USAA Debitcard at BofA ATMs for the past several months.  I travel frequently and have gotten the "unable to complete your transaction" in south Florida, GA, SC, NC, NY and OH so far.  It is now a sort of game to see if it works or not in a new state.  I find it very odd as my USAA Debit card works at all other bank and credit union ATMs I've tried.

I called USAA about this same issue last Saturday and the customer service person told me it was a KNOWN issue and USAA ATM cards would not work at Bank of America ATMs anymore due to an "upgrade" of equipment that rendered the machines incompatible.  This sounds pretty weird, but it might be true.  As for us, our ATM cards no longer work at any BofA location in Nashville or Franklin, Tennessee.  And they haven't, for months.


I'm a big USAA fan but I am disappointed at the forums showing people reporting this issue across the country for a period of months, and the responses from USAA reps saying they're not aware of a problem.  That's just not possible.  If this many people from across the country are reporting an issue, you're aware of it, and in writing.  Please get the story straight, send out an email or a letter, and tell us what's up.  I can make other ATM plans, but the BofA locations were the ones most convenient for us. 


If they don't work with our cards anymore, OK...but tell us officially, and please don't say you don't know it's happening, because you have a lot of people across the country telling you it's happening.