Are ATM fees not being reimbursed at all anymore ? We have not been reimbursed from all our atm fees since the past month. We live in a different state then TX so nearest location with a USAA is about a hour away. We always have to either do cash back or withdraw from a non USAA atm.


The following is copied from the bottom of the page describing the features of a USAA checking account.  I tried a quick search for 'ATM fee reimbursement,' but it was not helpful.   Given some banks charging ridiculous fees,  with a $15 limit, you'd hit the max in 3-4 withdrawals.


I also joined a local credit union with a country wide network of ATMs.  The last time I traveled I used one of the ATMs and my charge was $1.00, which was reimbursed later.  I almost fell off the floor.  Anyway, here is the info:


1 USAA Bank refunds up to $15 in other United States domestic banks' ATM usage fees each month and does not charge a fee for the first 10 ATM withdrawals. Subsequent transactions will be charged $2.00 each. Transactions at ATMs located outside of the United States may not be eligible for ATM usage fee refunds. A 1% foreign transaction fee applies to withdrawals outside the United States. No ATM usage fees will be charged at USAA Preferred ATMs pursuant to an agreement with the ATM network/owners to not charge an ATM fee for USAA Bank ATM Debit cards.


I assume the not charging a fee for the first 10 ATM withdrawals is only for USAA ATMs. 



A banking representative will be reaching out in order to assist you. Thank you and have a Happy Holidays!

The same thing appears to be happening to me this month as well? How long does it take for the refund?

Hi ProfessorRC, I am happy to have a look at your account to verify. Please allow me a few minutes to review. I will send you a message on shortly. Thank you, Jen.

I'm noticing the same thing. I haven't received any rebates either this month.

Sknapp, please keep in mind that refunds re posted on your statement closing date and will only be posted if there were fees assessed during the statement cycle.~Michelle

What day of the month does this happen? I'm not sure I've been getting mine either.

JKNUCK,  It would depend on when your statements closes as rebates are provided on your statement closing date and will only be posted if there were fees assessed during the statement cycle. Please look in your My Documents section to see your statements and view the Statement closing date. ~Michelle

I haven’t received any ATM rebates for November yet and it’s the last day of the month....