So USAA ATMs stop taking deposits after a certain time of night or is there a “down” period? I went to two different deposit ATMs and neither would take a deposit last night.
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Thank you for reaching out to us today @Doodlebug8. We have not been notified of any issues with our ATM's. You can find the nearest deposit accepting ATM to you by going to Thank you. -Emily

ATM in Stone Oak and on Thousand Oaks/281 (San Antonio) would not accept deposits last night areond 8 pm.
Oh, and I used the deposit ATM locator, that’s why I drove to that 2nd ATM, with no luck.

Did you receive an error message? If so, what was the message?

It just said that the ATM was not accepting deposits at this time. Both ATMs. Frustrating because I need to get this $ deposited.

I understand, I will review further to have this reported. May I have the address of both ATM's? Please know you do have the option of utilizing deposit at mobile as well. -Emily

TPC/281 & Thousand Oaks/281
I can’t deposit cash with deposit @ mobile

I see, I have verified nothing has been reported previously with these locations. I will share your experience with the appropriate area. You are correct cash is not accepted via deposit@mobile however if you obtain a money order that will be accepted. I hope this is helpful, thank you. -Emily