I'm living in Puerto Rico and the commons banks around here are enroled with ath movil this is a feature like usaa has that you can send money if the person has an usaa account to but with ATH Movil you can send money to people doesn't matter the bank as long as the bank is registered with this feature and the person register to the mobile app and the money appears in the account instantly it would be cool if Usaa could check on that feature.


Elvisgonzalez1, we appreciate hearing your feedback regarding the ATH Movil service to transfer funds. We are currently using Zelle for our send money service. Our Send Money with Zelle feature is a free and secure way of sending money to almost anyone with a domestic bank account through our USAA Mobile App from Apple® or Android™ mobile devices. Message and data rates may apply. There is no need to share Account information with anyone and the member has the ability to send money quickly and safely to almost anyone with a domestic bank account using an email address or mobile phone number. I hope this information is helpful. Thank you. - Rhonda

There is a reason why we are requesting this service. It has become a headache that most of the local commerce its using this servixe, since it has become the most reliable system. Since there is not a lot of atm machines readily available at all times. And this service does not work with any internet provider other than you having internet on your phone to access the app. I do understand the use of Zelle, but idk should t you look and figure how many armed forces personnel its on your records... and figure out how many of us are being affected because of this situation. And also thr use of atm machines here on the island has become kind of expensive and exesive. Luckily you provide us with $15 reinbursement monthly. I personally have to pay $3.49 for the use of an atm. That means i can with draw money only 3 times a month so i dont loose money over the use of atm. And with the ATH movil service we could actually bennificiate. You have no idea on what it is to go to a place and have to leave to find an atm or actually not even go back to the place cause there credit card system is down... but the first thing they ask you its if you have ath movil. And 9 out of 10 dont understand that our banking system its from the states... this also affects economy here. Since we cant sometimes actually expend money in certain places because of the hassle of the goong back to get cash we gotta go to a big company or another place to actually probably pay more. If you make math you probably come up with a number of around 3 thousand service members either retired or still serving. Also take into consideration. That our island is one of the preferred vacation spots for other service members stationed around the globe. Hopefully this short and consize explanation gives you a better pocture of our situation as customers of USAA.

Hello @Juanabel, I appreciate you reaching out to us today. We always value feedback from members like yourself who are keen on offering us ways to better serve our members in the future. I will share your feedback with the appropriate area, have a good rest of your day. -Emily

We truly need USAA to participate in ATH Movil system in the island. Most of the stores are no longer acepto g ATM, and only are accepting ATH Movil. Zelle, google wallet or Apple Pay are not acceptable almost anywhere. We really need USAA to satisfied the needs of the clients down in Puerto Rico if not we will be forced to moved to a local account. Please advise

Thank you for expressing your concerns today @Arlf. I will share these details with the appropriate area. We always value feedback from members like yourself who are keen on offering us ways to better serve our members in the future. I do hope you have a good evening. -Emily

In Reply to The Rep:

"ATH móvil" is an extremely common feature in the island it may very well be like the app you mentioned.
The main feature/attractive of ATH Móvil is that all I need from you (to send you money) is your phone number. Even when a person does not have a bank account they can do a QR Code scan with the app and retrieve the cash from any participating ATM teller.
Me personally having a USAA account but no ATM on the island is levied by the fact that USAA returns my ATM fees and I can do scanned check deposits.
I practically did not feel any different until this new app came along.
Although I can understand how a big US based company would not have this particular request high in the priority list, I feel obliged to insist that you look into it.
The provided response, I feel, did not address the possibility of looking into it and maybe implementation.
I appreciate your time and service.
An always-faithful client.

We appreciate your feedback and membership, ZVeguillaCotto. These concerns are important to us, and we will ensure they are reviewed. We share our members' feedback with the appropriate product teams for further consideration. We strive to provide as many helpful services to our membership, however, cannot guarantee that all ideas will be implemented. I have also gathered your feedback and shared it for review. Thank you again for taking the time to reach out. -Meredith

Doesn't your bank need to be part of the Zelle network to receive money? I tried sending money and one of your agents told me the bank I was sending to was not part of the Zelle network so I could not. I believe the ATH móvil has no such restrictions but not sure??

@Lily24, You are correct. However, Zelle does not work internationally.