Pi$$ed the f off

Opened a joint account and added on my co-habitant. The account worked fine for two weeks and then we purchased a car and they locked my account. It is my account, I am the primary account holder. They requested he verify his identity and when he did, they have done nothing!!!! We received notice that it was under review and would be unlocked yesterday. I finally got ahold of someone in the Ececutive Resolutions department who started off the call with "I'm not a supervisor, but I have the same authority as one." If you did, you would BE a supervisor. Yolanda then tells me that she understands that I'm frustrated. So here it is the third of the month and half our rent has been locked in the joint account. She then tells me that NONE of the calls I have made have been noted in my account. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? She then says she is going to do a request for an update on the status of my account and that it will take an ADDITIONAL 1-3 BUSINESS DAYS. And if you want a supervisor, it is a 24 HOUR TURNAROUND!!!


I have had two accounts, a credit card, car insurance and all of my car loans with USAA for OVER FIVE YEARS. I have backed them up every single time someone has said something negative about them. Now, it looks like I am just going to be another one of those people.


Dear Member,


I have passed this along to our bank team and they will be reaching out to you. Thank you.