A Warning to People Thinking About Using USAA for Banking

Disgruntle Member

I have USAA for my house and car insurance along with a checking account.  My banking account has been a total disaster.  One November 24th, my wife had to fly to the Philippines, because her dad passed away.  They live in a very remote section and do not have landlines, internet and cell service is 2G speeds at best.  I was using my USAA account to transfer money to a 3rd party service to sent money to her bank account to help pay for the funeral and associated costs.   Shortly after she left, our account was put on a credit only status.  Note, that I am the primary account holder and I added her as a spouse.  Anyway, USAA insists on talking to her before they can take my(our) account off credit only status.  I have been trying this for over a week and have not had any resolution as they insist on talking to her.  The problem is, that it is not very easy to communicate over there.  Almost nobody has a landline and there is no free "good" wifi like there is here.  She already wasted $10 trying to call just to be disconnected.   I understand that they have security concerns and want to confirm things, but I have all the information that she can provide.  She does not have access to everything like I do here.  She does not want to deal with hassle, and I do not not either, but it looks like I have to.  This is my primary account, so I should be able to take care of anything.  This is the biggest hassle I have ever dealt with, as I have invested 2 hours or more on the phone trying to resolve this.


  I am very concerned, due to the fact I may have credit card bills may not be paid, checks might bounce and my credit score will be hurt due to their stupid policies.


This by far is the worst customer service I have ever experienced as they are unable to come up with an alternative method for account activity.