4% APR CC at Capital One all the time for AD

USAA plays the Persona that they are for the military members but then why is it you only offer 4% APR on credit cards for one year during PCS and deployment only. Meanwhile Capital One is honoring our service members by giving 4% APR all the time since the beginning of their service. I have called several times to talk about how Capital One is doing this why can't a company who was started by veterans and says they serves military members and their families but can only lower it for one year hey as a result I will transfer the balance to my brand new Capital One card and close out my credit card with USAA. USAA I have tried to stay with you, but you have lost a loyal customer.


O'Neal, I understand your concern about military benefits for USAA credit card accounts. Currently, we offer PCS, deployment and Service member's Civil Relief Act (SCRA) benefits. PCS and deployment benefits include an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 4% for 12 months which applies to the current balance, new purchases and cash advances. Additionally, balance transfer and convenience check fees are waived within this timeframe. SCRA benefits apply to activated Reservists or Guardsmen, as well as new enlisted civilians. SCRA benefits include an APR of 4% on all purchases, cash advances and existing balance until one year from the end of the active duty commitment. Additionally, all fees are waived until one year from the end of the active duty commitment with the SCRA benefit. We also offer a Military Campaign Rebate. With this rebate, all finance charges are refunded for members receiving the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal or Afghanistan Campaign Medal. I appreciate the information that you have provided about military benefits offered by Capital One. Since our mission is to be the provider of choice for the military community, I will certainly share this information with the appropriate folks at USAA. Thank you for providing this valuable feedback. ~Darcy

I am going to switch to Capital One today!