3rd party accounts and bill pay on mobile devices

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Would it be possible to share with the community if any plans are in the works to revamp bill pay, online or the mobile app? The following features woud be extremely useful.


1. Have 3rd party accounts automatically update at least once a day, or allow the EU to choose how often it should update account information. Lots of times i notice unless i manually update it will stay stagnate for days and weeks on end.


2. In bill pay (online and mobile app) SHOW the current account balance, statement balance, and min payment due. The mobile app only allows you to select a bill and shows an amount due if usaa has already been set to receive paper bills. This isn't practical.


It forces the user to have to jump back and forth between screens to decide how much to pay. 


Allow the home page to be set to the accounts page by default.


Hello @ryder07, Thank you for taking the time to post these suggestions on improving our Pay Bills. 

I will forward your idea to the appropriate area to consider with future updates and enhancements. 

In the meantime, I'd like to make you aware of our Member Innovation area of our website. Click this link

to our Member Innovation USAA LABS http://go.usaa.com/bitly and browse over what our current challenges are by selecting "View Challenge" your idea might fit well under the challenge "How can USAA help members better manage their debt?"

Best of luck & thank you again! ~ Lori 

Thanks for the response!

Sure thing @ryder07, I'm here to help ;) #USAAFamily ~ Lori