Deep Sea Ranger

Dear Sir / Ma’am,


I am writing to inquire as about the 2.5% Cash Back rewards card that USAA offered to some of their clients within the last year.  I have talked to a few of the other military members that have this card and have been calling on numerous occasions as to why I may not have been offered the card and if not, why I couldn’t be offered the opportunity to earn 2.5% cash back on my credit card purchases.


Clearly this is significantly more of a rewards that the current 1.5% I earn now – which is already at an incredible rate amongst the competition.  However, having been a member with USAA for nearly two decades, I would like the same benefit that some of your other clients have.


All I am simply asking for is the same extremely generous benefit that some of the other military members that USAA offered, despite the fact that this pilot program is no longer running.  I do find it somewhat unfair that USAA did not considered me for this opportunity – as I have shown an incredible consistency with paying my charges off on time, and rarely hold a balance on the credit card.  If anything, I would request that USAA reward this type of responsible behavior rather than overlook it for this promotional program.


I would be more than happy to discuss this over the phone.  I do not believe this would warrant a change in companies for my personal credit card or other services that USAA has been providing to my family and me for years – but I was disappointed to hear that some members were receiving the 2.5% cash back rewards while others were not.


Thanks for considering my request to upgrade to the 2.5% cash back rewards card.  I am confident that there are decision makers in the management of this department that will be able to review my account, and upgrade my cash back rewards to the higher rate.




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Hello @Deep Sea Ranger, I have forwarded your concerns to a subject matter expert. Once reviewed they will  be in contact with you.


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