Property tax / mortgage interest forms are not in My Documents and I did not receive them in the mail .. are they available ?


@deanna5000, Thanks for reaching out to us. I will engage a mortgage specialist to review your situation further. They will follow up with you. - Ben

Thank you for your question, @deanna5000.  You can find your 1098 statement on the NationStar website under "Statements."  Click on the Home Mortgage Loan tile in Accounts Summary, then click on Statements on the left-hand side. Next, at the top of that page you will see Tax (1098/1099), then click on that and then view under action and you will see your 1098 form for 2018.  A copy of the 1098 was not mailed out to you, but should have been available to you after January 17th.  I hope this information helps as we appreciate your membership as I hope you have a great day!  --  Shawn G