$0.06 Loan Underpayment = 60 Point Credit Score Drop

$0.06 Short

In September of this year I indavertantly made a $0.06 underpayment on one auto loan monthly payment and I was reported to all three credit reporting agencies for a making a 30 day delenquent payment.  You read that right...$0.06.  My Equafax Vantage credt score went from 825 to 761 over this $0.06 issue.  It took me 5 calls and 4 months before someone (Executive Resolution) could figure out what happened and explain it to me...and then they said, "Well you were $0.06 short so our policy is to report it".  So...just how satified do you think this 28 year customer is with USAA cutomer service?


@$0.06short. we can understand the frustration regarding your credit report.  I will certainly submit this feedback regarding your experience and appreciate you letting us know.  Thank you.