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Zelle is a fraud! It took $300 and $200 out of my account without my permission and transferred to another person. The person the money was illegally transferred to did not receive it. When I called USAA they told me that, basically, it wasn't there problem and told me to call Zelle. I called Zelle and they told me they have no idea where my money went and they are still working on organizing their company which will take about a year!!! I called USAA back and they told me it wasn't their problem again... so now I'm out of $500 and I love paycheck to paycheck. This has hurt me greatly and USAA doesn't care... AT ALL!! I filed a complaint with them (which I'm sure will go no where) and I also filed an official complaint with Better Business Beauro... I don't know what happened with USAA but what's happening now is illegal and fraudulent and they let Zelle do it ....

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Hello. I'm very sorry to hear that funds were transferred out of your account without your authorization via the Zelle channel. If the transactions were processed without your authorization, please contact our Fraud Department 24/7 at 1-800-951-4539. Thank you and we look forward to speaking to you! - Darrell

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