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USAA failed long term member

USAA failed long term member

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I have been a USAA Member and Advocate of USAA for 25 years.  During those years, I have enjoyed excellent service from the bank, home and auto insurance.  Unfortunately, this summer I experienced my first true disappointment with USAA and their staff were both unwilling and unable to assist with correcting a bad situation with a long term member.  This summer, I received a check from a third party and attempted to cash the check.  After a few days, the check "bounced" and was returned.  I contacted the issuer of the check and was told that the check should be fine.  I also contacted the bank from which the check was issued to verify funds.  Believing the check would go through, I resubmitted the check a second time.  Again, it bounced.  USAA had placed the funds on hold both times and suffered no losses; however, they failed to take care of a long time USAA member who had no history of accepting checks that bounced.  After this, USAA lowered my mobile deposit capability to the point where I cannot even cash a paycheck with USAA and they now place holds of up to two weeks on my deposits when I mail them in.  Thanks for the memories USAA but if this is how you treat long term relationships - we are getting a divorce!

Re: USAA failed long term member

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DWK21, First and foremost, I'd like to thank you for your 25 year membership. I can see you're upset with the handling of your check deposit. I've located your information and will engage a banking expert to review your situation further. I ask that you allow sufficient time for completion of their review and we will follow up with you. Thank you for taking the time to post. - Ben

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