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Signature card and SSI account current status

Signature card and SSI account current status

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I have explained over and over about my current situation, as well as not having access to either a desktop or my usual laptop, (I've been using my iPhone) OR a printer, which is clearly stated as necessary AND you must sign and agree that you have such printer to store a hard copy of the information. Also, I am seeing charges on my account that I have never seen by the companies that are demanding them! I have just begun receiving more money (between 30 - 40% more) than I have in a decade or two, yet I'm overdrawn and I can't even download a free app onto my iPhone? I have never had anything but gratitude for, and pride in having USAA as something uniquely special and earned by my role as wife and mom of US Air Force Officer. This is now a painfully discouraging time, on top of some already explained (to them) frustrating times. I haven't a clue as to what's going on!

Re: Signature card and SSI account current status

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bmljenn, I'm sorry to learn this is a discouraging and frustrating time for you, and I'd like to see if I can help. I'll be reaching out to you shortly. ~Darcy

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