Need more ATM locations!!!

Need more ATM locations!!!

Redly's avatar User  Redly  (Opens a pop up layer) New Member

It would be very nice if USAA started adding more ATM locations throughout the U.S. It is frustrating not to be able to easily deposit cash into our accounts. At least have them near or on military installations instead of wells fargo, citibank, etc..... Other than that, no complaints so far with any other services I've received. 

Re: Need more ATM locations!!!

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I have the same issue. Though I love USAA, I must keep a Td account open just to deposit cash, which wastes money because of their fees.

Re: Need more ATM locations!!!

StuK's avatar User  StuK  (Opens a pop up layer) New Member

I'm sorry this has been a problem for you.  I've been a USAA member since 1978, but that's one reason I hesitated before moving my banking to USAA a few years ago.  I made the move once a friend told me how easy it was to deposit checks to my USAA accounts from my home computer (with scanner).  Now it is even easier depositing checks from my tablet or smart phone, so I rarely have a reason to set foot in a bank branch.


As far as I know, there are no USAA ATMs in my area, but USAA reimburses the fees on a certain number of ATM withdrawals each month, and there are a number of ATM locations near me that charge no fees, so accessing cash has not been a problem either. 


The only occasional hassle is when I need to deposit a large check (over $10,000), which you cannot do on line.  USAA has arranged with selected UPS stores to accept such checks, which I have done several times.  It's as easy as making a deposit at a bank branch, except that I wish there were more UPS locations in my area approved to accept USAA deposits.

Re: Need more ATM locations!!!

Julian M's avatar User  Julian M  (Opens a pop up layer) Occasional Visitor

San Diego has thousands of members but only has two locations with ATMs?! Please add more

Re: Need more ATM locations!!!

AngelaCabanUSAA's avatar User  AngelaCabanUSAA Community Manager

Hi Julian M!


I passed along your feedback to our bank. Thanks!

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