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Letter to EVP of Member Experience

Letter to EVP of Member Experience

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This is a letter I will be sending to the EVP of Member Experience.  If anyone has contact info for any of the executive staff I would appreciate it.  Or, if someone from USAA actually reads this please feel free to forward on to someone who actually cares how members are treated.


First of all I would like to start by apologizing for contacting you through this avenue.  I performed a search on line and found you to be the Executive Vice President of Member Experience at USAA.  As I am sure you have already surmised my experience has been less than negative if that is even possible and there are many more adjectives that I could use to denote the negative experience I have had with the Mortgage department.  I realize that the banking and mortgage departments are separate; however there is no information related to contacts for the mortgage department that I could find.  So again, I apologize for using this avenue to contact you.  My goal is to have my issue resolved and to also point out glaring issues with the customer service within the mortgage department.


October of 2013 my wife and I obtained a mortgage loan through USAA to purchase our home.  Subsequent to closing we setup bill pay through our banking institution (not USAA) to automatically make the mortgage payment every month.  The payment has been made every month since we purchased the home.  However, this month for some reason the payment is not reflecting in our mortgage account.  I discovered this after receiving a delinquency notice in the mail.  Upon review of the mortgage account there has not been a payment noted for the month of March.  I have verified that the funds were debited from our checking account (not USAA) and sent via Electronic transfer to USAA.  I wife called the mortgage department to try and resolve this issue.  She called me immediately after ending the call with the mortgage department and in her own words stated that she was made to feel stupid and treated like she did not understand what was going on.  My wife has been in the finance industry for over the last 13 years holding multiple licenses to include the series 7, 63, 24, and 4.  She was the manager of a transfer’s team for the largest online brokerage firm in the world.  I can assure you she understands everything.  I told my wife that I would call and take care of it as she is currently mobilizing for deployment to Afghanistan.  When I called the first time and explained the situation to the representative on the phone I was told to just make another payment.  I told the individual that this was not an acceptable answer.  I was then told that USAA would need verification from my banking institution that the payment was made.  I contacted my banking institution and requested this documentation be sent to USAA.  I then called USAA again and verified that the documentation was received however I was told that it did not have enough information to verify where the payment was sent.  I confirmed that the document sent to USAA included my USAA Mortgage loan/account number.  I called in again to ask why is that not enough information.  I was put on hold and then told that the issue would need to be escalated.  I was transferred to a woman named Bertha who I was told was a supervisor.  She looked at the documentation and had another supervisor look at the documentation and told me that it looks as thought his information should be enough.  I asked her then what is the issue.  She told me that she would escalate the issue to management because she did not know why they were asking for more information.  I asked Bertha if I could receive a status update and when.  She told me whether it is to notify me the issue has been resolved or to just update me of the status I would receive and email before COB Friday the 28th of March.  Well let me tell you Friday has come and gone with no email from Bertha.  I called in again today Monday the 31st of March to get an update.  I asked to be contacted with Bertha since she was the last contact that I had however I was told she was unavailable.  I was then transferred to another supervisor who basically told me that the information on the document was not sufficient.  I asked exactly what information is needed?  The gentlemen on the phone who I believe is name Mike told me that it needs to say the payment was sent to USAA FSB on the verification document.  I told him about the conversation with Bertha and that she told me that it looked as though there was enough information.  He then told me that he does not know what she say and that he would need to speak with Bertha.  Five hours after this phone call I called back to get an update.  I had to explain the situation over again to a new person on the phone.  After talking with this individual he told me that it appears that the payment verification document shows my mortgage loan/account number and also a routing number.  The routing number is for USAA bank.  I ask the individual if we could get someone on the phone from the banking side of USAA to verify if this electronic transfer was received and where the money was deposited.  While trying to initiate the conference call I lost cell reception and was disconnected.  I had to then call in again.  I asked the individual on the phone if I could be transferred to the person I was just on the call with and he informed me that there were no internal extensions to transfer calls.  I proceeded to explain the situation again to another person while still not hearing back from either supervisor.  After explaining the situation to this individual on the phone he proceeds to tell me (reading from a screen) that a case has been opened and that it can take up to 15 business days to research.  I told him that is an unacceptable answer and that I would like to speak to a supervisor.  He then told me he was a supervisor.  I asked him if he thought this was an acceptable answer after hearing the situation and my request to be transferred to the individual that I was just disconnected from.  He then again told me, a case has been opened (reading from a screen).  I asked him if he would transfer me to his supervisor.  He said that he would be happy to.  He placed me on hold and cold transferred me straight to a person’s voicemail.


The funds for my mortgage payment were debited from my checking account on the 3rd of March 2014 and sent to USAA via electronic transfer.  Those funds have been sitting in an account somewhere within USAA while I receive delinquency notices.  I have spent the better part of the last 8 days trying to resolve this issue.  While trying to resolve this issue I have been treated poorly, given misinformation, transferred to multiple people, and been rudely cold transferred, not to mention the way that my wife was treated.  As a member I can honestly say this is the worst experience I have ever had with a company.  I am asking you as the Executive Vice President of Member Experience if this is the type of experience you endorse for your members?  If not can you please assist or point me in the right direction to receive the assistance that I deserve?



Jason Jackson


Re: Letter to EVP of Member Experience

i hate u s a a's avatar User  i hate u s a a  (Opens a pop up layer) Regular Contributor

i had a similar experience on a jewelry claim.  you have to start removing your accounts.  thats the only way they will ever get it.  even then i doubt it.  good luck, sorry man.  used to be a good company.  20+ years for me, now im leaving.

Re: Letter to EVP of Member Experience

USAA's avatar User  USAA Community Manager

Jason, thank you for sharing this issue with us. We pride ourselves on the level of service offered to our members. As such the experience you have had is unacceptable. Our mortgage department is reviewing and have attempted to contact you on this issue. They will continue to attempt getting a hold of you until the matter is resolved.

Re: Letter to EVP of Member Experience

i hate u s a a's avatar User  i hate u s a a  (Opens a pop up layer) Regular Contributor

your service sucks.  i have posted almost 10 complaints on your "how are we doing?" system, and you either ignore them or write some horse sh*t response.  i hope you all get fired!

Re: Letter to EVP of Member Experience

HD SGS's avatar User  HD SGS  (Opens a pop up layer) Contributor


Trying to minimize the damage to my account. My daughter had an account she defaulted on in which I was sent an email saying I had a problem with one of my accounts. I called the banking department in which they said there was no issue. I even mentioned my daughters account was overdrawn and still no issue. By the way this is after I aksed months beofre about getting her account off of my page and was told she would have to dso that since she was 18. I then couldnt access my account on line and called IT to see why. They eveentually said I had an account problem and needed to contatc CAD. I tried mutiple time while traveling, but after about 45 minutes to an hour I hung up. I then try and purchase something while traveling and find out they denied. I finally had to call and stayon until someone answered. They informed me my cards were revoked and I would have to pay what my daughter owed. Now im told I am the secondary account holder. Remember I called once and was told there was nothing wrong with my accounts. If I would have been told when I called all of this could have been diverted. As you can tell from my bank history everything is paid on time.

My last issue is trying to redeem the reward points on my credit card. Pretty significant amount. Anyhow they are still on hold even though everything else has been cleared up. The accounts ave not closed since I still owe money on them but are revoked.

I wouldlike to avoid having to losing my poiunts due to what my daughter did and I tried to correect before hand but wasnt told specifically what was wrong until after the fact.

Since I am in good standing with USAA I would hope someone could find a work around so I dont lose my points.


Re: Letter to EVP of Member Experience

Celeste USAA's avatar User  Celeste USAA USAA Service


Thank you for posting in the Community. Our records indicate that you have spoken with a few bank representative regarding the rewards points. At this point, the points will remain on hold until the amount has has cleared.  Please contact us at 1-800-531-8722 to discuss this in more detail. 

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