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Extremely unhappy with service

Extremely unhappy with service

HADENOUGH's avatar User  HADENOUGH  (Opens a pop up layer) Contributor

I am a very disgruntled customer of USAA, and I moved all of my accounts to Naval Federal Credit union, which is a TRUE military Credit Union, and not some coverup that pretends to be a bank, and no matter how your balances are with them, and how well you have paid them, they really don't care, but they would LOVE to sell you insurance. I thought I had learned a lot, as I am in my 60's now and A Vietnam Era veteran, but I must admit, dealing with these people was one of the WORST experiences of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't worry, they will sell you insurance anytime you want it, but they are not a financial institution that cares about veterans!!!!!!! Veterans, PLEASE check out Navy Federal Credit Union, as you will see a GIGANTIC difference in service and compassion to the military personel!!!!!!!!

Re: Extremely unhappy with service

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Re: Extremely unhappy with service

EagleEye2014's avatar User  EagleEye2014  (Opens a pop up layer) Regular Contributor

With so few facts of the case displayed and a plug for a competing service somehow I am inclined not to take the slightest bit of this seriously....


-Your issue with the insurance was what exactly?

---....wife atuo - life insurance?....


They run my wife and I policy and have for sometime premiums are always paid on time


...USAA has taken care of me since my Father Career Air Force Retired registered me with them from the age of 1... I guess I am just a air force brat but I am using virtually every service with USAA and financial advisers etc... never had any sort of problem and the representatives always take plenty of time to solve my problems when I call ... I obviously do not share your unhappiness and instead have only good things to  say for my experiences...


Re: Extremely unhappy with service

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USAA guide lines.... smoke rocks..... I paid off 2 vehicle loans within a year! Now 4k is needed for my hybrid battery... denied 7 times for a 2000 dollar loan also had collateral... now I'm in the hole... disabled veteran here! Smh Kiss my to Wells & Bank of America Going to Navy Federal...

Re: Extremely unhappy with service

squared's avatar User  squared  (Opens a pop up layer) Contributor

Good luck with Navy Federal, they're worse. I've been a member there for longer than I have USAA, but not by much and over three decades. Navy Federal has over 1 Million members and has gone from a personal member credit union to a huge behemoth that exceeds most commercial banks. They've screwed up my Mortgage and payments for the past three year running and, while the customer service reps are polite, by and large they don't care. The rates on their credit cards exceed what you'll get here at USAA. USAA has similar issues, they're just not there yet and the customer service seems to actually exist...
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