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Early Direct Deposit

Early Direct Deposit

theryanoneal's avatar User  theryanoneal  (Opens a pop up layer) Contributor

I have noticed for the past 4 months I no longer get my deposits the day of not just paycheck but my capital one example . I’d prefer USAA stop giving me a canned response they give to everyone it will post as soon as you get the money! Again I perosinally transfer money from my capital one to my USAA I get notification money is sent on Friday morning from capital one and deposit does not show until Monday! It used tonit be like that and one reason I made USAA my primary account I think I willl change that coming next week as it’s FRUSTRATING to hear the same spill or garbage it’s a courtesy a d it’s depsoit the same day it’s recieved that’s false just say it’s deposited the next day and save me the heartache and not lose customers

Re: Early Direct Deposit

USAA Social Service's avatar User  USAA Social Service USAA Service

Dear theryanoneal,


I can understand your concern. I am happy to provide specific details. Please initiate a chat with me here: Thanks for reaching out. - Jesse

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