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NC Homeowners Consent to Rate form

NC Homeowners Consent to Rate form

TarheelCoastie's avatar User  TarheelCoastie  (Opens a pop up layer) Contributor

As USAA seems to be growing bigger and more impersonal with each new year, Customer Service has done a complete about face when compared to when I first switched ALL of my insurance needs over to USAA several years ago.  


A recent phone conversation consisted of the rep trying to strong-arm me into signing a Consent to Rate form despite being unable to tell me about (it essentially allows an insurer to charge 250% of the NC Standard Premium Rate) and then as I reviewed my policy, he told me that many of my policy features were unusable or SHOULDN'T be used for fear of rate increases.


It looks like I am now being forced to switch back to Nationwide because USAA customer service has already pre-emptively begun cancelling my homeowners' policy and my future policy is now NON-EXISTENT.  Of course, I was once again pressured to sign the Consent to Rate form and fax it to USAA immediately.  My Nationwide quote came in $1 under the NC Std Premium rate and with discounts dropped my premium another $120 - my USAA policy premium actually INCREASED 15% from last year.  Very disappointing ... as it looks like USAA has gone Pentagon on us - bloated and ineffectual. 


I wish I could just talk to to the person I spoke with years ago easily who smartly answered all my insurance questions with ease and courtesy.

Re: NC Homeowners Consent to Rate form

Double L's avatar User  Double L  (Opens a pop up layer) Contributor

It is obvious that a Big Bank mentality has taken over @ USAA. Very sad. The older vets who have provided the customer base for a solid, conservative institution will leave over time. Congrats USAA management.

Re: NC Homeowners Consent to Rate form

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504FutbolFan's avatar User  504FutbolFan  (Opens a pop up layer) Contributor

I agree. I called Cs today to ask why I got a letter yesterday that states "We acknowledge your instructions to cancel coverage." First, I didn't ask to have them cancel anything. Second, I never received the letter they claim to have sent requesting that I return the signed consent within ten (10) days or face cancellation. Finally, I've had them as my sole carrier for over twelve (12) years and really don't appreciate their position that "it's our position that the the state laws are wrong and we should be able to charge what we want for our products;" yeah, he actually said that. I'm looking into moving my entire relationship elsewhere. Even if it costs a few dollars more, I think I'm going to move. They seem to have forgotten that the company started for the purpose of helping those who've served. Now, it seems, they are all about the money.

Re: NC Homeowners Consent to Rate form

ncpoppy's avatar User  ncpoppy  (Opens a pop up layer) Contributor

30 years with USAA, got Consent to Rate notice and was appalled at the dismissive attitude of customer service. She sounded like she was reading from a politician's talking points, basic legalistic gobbledegook. 


I realize that the CS reps must be tired of these complaints and frustrated at their inability act as the problem solvers they have been until now. The solution here is NOT to force CS to go into knee-jerk defensiveness, it is to RETRACT the C to Rate.


Interestingly, when I called the NC DOI I got exactly the kind of response I had come to expect of USAA: Questions answered in a friendly manner and fully explained in plain English. She even went over the policy with me and offered a few suggestions, and though I don't feel I can reduce the coverage, I am most appreciative of her willingness to help. So much for "cold bureaucrats"!


The thought of changing insurance companies (I have 3 USAA policies) not attractive right now, even if I could save a few $$$$.



But I am thinking of writing "signed under protest" under my signature on the C to R. Would USAA consider that to be voiding my signature? 



Re: NC Homeowners Consent to Rate form

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dkbNC's avatar User  dkbNC  (Opens a pop up layer) Contributor

It seems USAA has stooped to extortion to pad its coffers.  Forcing NC policy holders to "agree" with such a high rate increase or lose their coverage (in 10 days!) is outrageous!  It's as if the company reins have been handed over to a mobster.  I've been with USAA for 37+ years - banking, homeowner's/auto insurance, cards, multiple loans - and I've never missed or been late with a payment, with only one claim in the early 80's when my car was stolen.  That's a lot of money over the years for "peace of mind."  If you want to keep a loyal customer, you don't treat him like this. It looks like you can add me (and other family members) to the list of those looking into switching to another insurer.

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