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  • Military Promotion Board Experiences Build Civilian Interview Success

    Army promotion boards serve as excellent examples for military veterans and non-veterans alike for how to plan, prepare, and succeed in a civilian interview panel. Military interview panel preparation is extremely rigorous because a military promotion board and its successful completion is a very difficult challenge.

  • Cooking for Large Groups: Thanksgiving Meal Tips

    How many of us would love to be able to cook for a large group of people without the fear of something going wrong?

  • 5 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving Overseas

    Looking for ways to celebrate Thanksgiving at your overseas duty station? Consider incorporating one of these 5 ideas into your holiday plans.

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    Event Highlight: Women Veterans Interactive - A Diva and ...

    Nov 15, 2017

    How’s this for the title of a financial readiness workshop: A Diva and Her Dollars. That’s the tasking that Ginger Miller, the fou...


    Military Promotion Board Experiences Build Civilian Inter...

    Nov 14, 2017

    Army promotion boards serve as excellent examples for military veterans and non-veterans alike for how to plan, prepare, and succeed in a civilian interview panel. Military interview panel preparation is extremely rigorous because a military promotion board and its successful completion is a very difficult challenge.


    What to do in an Auto Accident Overseas

    Nov 13, 2017

    Experiencing an auto accident is traumatic no matter where you are, but when you’re stationed overseas, foreign driving laws and language barriers add to the overwhelming emotions, stress, confusion, and chaos vehicle owners may go through. This list of actions to take will help you handle the incident as smoothly as possible.


    How Do You Honor Veterans?

    Nov 10, 2017

    How will you honor veterans on Veterans Day? Let us know in the comments section. You can also join the movement and share the sto...

    Sean1990's avatar
    Ted, I think you're missing the point. And you're missing it badly. The veterans of USAA who are asking USAA to end the...
    Ted.L's avatar
    I am from a family that brings most into service of the USA. My father, died in part, from WWII disabilities. I have di...


    Happy 242nd Birthday to the U.S. Marine Corps! Roll Call!

    Nov 10, 2017

    Happy 242nd Birthday to the U.S. Marine Corps! If you are a member of the Marine Corps or have family affiliated, we want to hear ...


    Share Your Favorite Veterans Day Discounts

    Nov 9, 2017

    Many companies are showing their thanks to Veterans and their families through special discounts. Here are a couple of my favorite...

    Sgt Bo's avatar
    Sgt Bo
    The veterans of USAA would like the organization to drop its endorsement of the NFL and give the money back to all usaa...


    4 Ways to Elevate Your Resume

    Nov 9, 2017

    There are ways to get noticed, and your resume is one of the most important ways.


    My Debt of Gratitude to Vietnam Veterans this Veterans Da...

    Nov 7, 2017

    This Veteran’s Day seek out as many Vietnam Veterans as you can find, and deeply thank them for their service. The service, dedication, and sacrifice of Vietnam Veterans shaped America for the better and we owe them an ongoing sense of gratitude.


    What time did you wake up today?

    Nov 6, 2017

    Time Changes. In my house these two words are dreaded, despised and trigger visions of a toddler zombie apocalypse. My carefully c...


    Teaching Children the Importance of Veterans Day

    Nov 2, 2017

    This Veterans Day, I encourage you to show your children how to spread thanks and appreciation to a veteran. Shake a hand, send a card, do anything that acknowledges the sacrifice they made to support and defend our country.

    Tips for Attending a Military Ball

    Nov 3, 2017

    With military ball season in full swing, you might find yourself as a first-time military ball attendee. Here are my top four tips to consider as you prepare for the next military ball (or Holiday Party) at your spouses’ command.

    Personal Property Insurance

    Nov 18, 2017

    I have renters insurance,My pup knocked my 17" Macbook pro laptop onto the floor and broke it,and paid the claim,then while we wer...

    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    I understand how important this is to you, and I'm happy to do whatever I can to help. I've sent a request to a Subject...

    Proof of Residency Request FORM

    Nov 18, 2017

    This is starting to get absurd. I received a letter stating my insurance would not be renewed without proof of residency in the st...

    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    Hi overwatch37 - I regret the confusion this has created for you. I've asked a colleague to look into this for you. Ple...

    add Guaranteed Rate Inc. mortgage

    Nov 17, 2017

    I am tring to add a mortgage from Guaranteed Rate Inc., but it does not show up in the company search How do we get it added?

    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    Thank you for your request to add your mortgage account from Guaranteed Rate Inc. Unfortunately if your mortgage compan...

    How to Triumph After a Layoff

    Nov 1, 2017

    Layoff and triumph are not two words that we normally associate together. Here are 10 steps to help create a personal triumph from this challenging situation.

    Roadside assistance

    Nov 17, 2017

    Is towing free or does it depend on the distance?

    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    Hi Jeffry, Typically towing is free of charge but, there is a distance limit that can vary depending on your location a...

    NFL Petition / 452 Members

    Nov 17, 2017

    Total USAA Petition Participants: 452Petition Statement Page Format1) Petition Statement2) Petition Instructions3) Two Related Sho...

    Stand United's avatar
    Stand United
    Section 1:A small sample of member comments encouraging USAA to no longer associate itself with the US Military.~~~~~~~...
    Stand United's avatar
    Stand United
    USAA Members,Below is the response from USAA to our NFL Petition. Below USAA's response are member comments based on th...

    Gold Star Family Comment

    Nov 17, 2017

    As we continue our NFL Petition, on occasion we receive comments from Gold Star Family members. I thought I would share one such m...

    4 Tips for Back to College Balance

    Oct 30, 2017

    Going back to school and balancing life can be challenging, but it doesn’t mean it has to be impossible. Here are 4 tips to help you finish out the semester strong.

    High Auto Loan Interest Rates

    Nov 17, 2017

    Really?!?!? I have literally an excellent credit score of above 750 and you guys ‘ever so generously’ throw me an “offer” for an a...

    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    Hello and thank you for sharing your concern in regards to the annual percentage rate we offered you for your auto loan...

    Card shut off due to "potential Fraudulant Activity."

    Nov 17, 2017

    These Soup Sandwiches shut my card off for potential fraud. The only fraud is USAA not letting me access my money. I love being in...


    Nov 17, 2017

    So, when did we start charging $2.00 in addition to the original charge that I pay to the other ATM company? What I mean is, give ...

    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    Youtoo - This is not the way we like you to feel. I've requested a Subject Matter Expert look into this for you. Please...

    Linking my savings account to my debit card

    Nov 17, 2017

    Is there anywhere on the app or site where I can link my savings account to my debit card?

    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    Hi! I've sent a secured email to your online message center in reply. To access it, simply click your name, select Inbo...

    Against NFL political posturing by supporting anti US and...

    Sep 24, 2017

    The NFL has gone on record supporting its players anti U.S. Flag and U.S. National Anthem. The "protests" are now getting out of c...

    hmatt013's avatar
    As a member, I think the issue with this sort of thing is it makes us like those who pressured us to stop advertising o...
    Sfb1995's avatar
    I strongly urge each of you, especially if you value your job, to convince your management to listen to your members re...


    Sep 11, 2017

    Please reconsider your sponsorship of the NFL. Players have the right to disrespect the flag and our Country. I prefer to exercise...

    WileECoyote's avatar
    Publicly, it has only been announced that Keurig,, 23 and Me, Nature's Bounty, and Eloquii have pulled adve...
    WileECoyote's avatar
    I agree that USAA should not pull its ads from Hannity over the Roy Moore interview. I actually do not believe they hav...

    NFL sponsorship

    Sep 25, 2017

    How can a company who only allows military to join, support the disrespect of our nation.Guess it's time to look elsewhere for our...

    BrianJ's avatar
    Today I called my usaa auto rep, this is how our conversation went:I am considering cancelling my auto insurance becaus...
    MoneyVoter's avatar
    Fed Up! Stop supporting NFL or I’m leaving too after +20 years. We all need to stand up and support what we believe in ...

    All of my bank accounts have disappeared

    Aug 20, 2017

    When I checked my accounts this morning, everything is gone. No Checking/Savings or credit card. What is going on here? Of course,...

    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    JIR, thanks for your patience. We have replied to your previous post, please refer to this for an update. Thank you, Je...
    JIR's avatar
    Why is this happening in the first place? After several phone calls I was told my checking account could be reinstated ...

    Stop Sponsoring the NFL

    Sep 24, 2017

    As a military company I would respectfully request the board members rethink their decision of sponsoring the NFL. The NFL is a di...

    hafajc's avatar
    It is disrespect because DISRESPECT is the intention of the action, AS YOU WELL KNOW. We all know it. Stop with the def...
    DropTheNFL1's avatar
    You can bank anywhere. It doesn't have to be a veteran's bank. Seriously, why does it matter? Just pick the bank that g...

    *** NFL PETITION ***

    Oct 6, 2017

    As of: 5 Oct 17 / 2200Total NFL Petition Participants: 19Comments belowDay: 2DAILY UPDATES SECTIONThank you for your participation...

    Caro1's avatar
    The USAA BoD needs to stop ignoring the voices of the members. I add my voice in demanding that USAA immediately stop a...
    JimFLNY's avatar
    As a member in good standing, I demand USAA management end all ties with the NFL. If the demands of the membership are ...

    Boycott NFL

    Sep 24, 2017

    Wow, I am not a sports fan but if it is true that USAA is still supporting this NFL group of teams that take a knee when our natio...

    Jay Are's avatar
    Jay Are
    I agree, USAA needs to answer us. Someone please post the P.R number if you know it for usaa. I’m sure if we bondbard t...
    Jason P.'s avatar
    Jason P.
    Time for the members to VOTE OUT THE BOARD!

    Stay rational

    Sep 28, 2017

    I hope USAA continues to support the NFL. It's a strong brand and a good vehicle for marketing.Please ignore the irrational and ov...

    RetiredMSgt's avatar
    Personally, I dismissed Collins message when he wore socks that disrespected ALL police officers. While there are some ...
    E Cover Girl's avatar
    E Cover Girl
    Staying Rational 👏👏👏Thank you sir very well stated.I am a combat veteran, I understand this is not about patriotism....

    *** NFL PETITION ***

    Oct 16, 2017

    Total USAA Petition Participants: 185Admin Note: For those tracking the Petition Count; the Top 5 Member Messages at the bottom of...

    Vor's avatar
    I have been a member of USAA since * I served in Vietnam as a 2nd LT. The NFL players are for the most part rich and en...
    dreinick's avatar
    Agree. Military values contradict those of the NFL. The sponsorship is hypocrital.

    NFL Sponsorship response from USAA

    Sep 27, 2017

    USAA September 27 / 10:54 AM Dear At USAA, we strongly believe it is an honor to stand during the national anthem. We have no plan...

    DWinMadison's avatar
    DropTheNFL1's avatar
    ZERO likes on the original USAA message, and 34 replies, all negative. Methinks USAA has erred badly. They are being pu...
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