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  • Military Skills that Aid Innovation

    Military skill sets provide the Innovation process key building blocks to be successful. Using military skill sets in the Innovation Process finds a way to engage employees, paints the vision of success, gives a process to improve, and creates a discipline to proactive to find continued innovation.

  • 5 Ideas for the Foodie In You

    You too can have fun with food with a little creativity, bravery, and curiosity and still not overspend. Check out these these ideas to change things up a bit at the dinner table.

  • Get Smart About Credit

    National Get Smart about Credit Day falls on Oct. 20, 2016. In recognition, let’s bust a few common credit myths — and discuss some ways you can protect your credit.

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    Halloween Safety Tips for Military Families

    Oct 14, 2016

    When you move to a new neighborhood, or decide to venture out to a different neighborhood for the day, you have to be careful since you don’t really know the area very well. Here are a few safety reminders while taking out the kids this Halloween.


    October is Adopt a Dog Month: Pet Advice

    Oct 13, 2016

    October is Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog month, and in that spirit, I thought I'd share some pictures and pet related advice! Making the Dec...

    How to Open a Checking Account

    Oct 21, 2016

    Why do you need a checking account, and how do you go about opening one? Here is a step-by-step guide.

    No Respect for Overseas Members

    Oct 22, 2016

    USAA has utterly failed to support me in my situation - despite multple appeals to customer service. I'm stationed long-term in a ...

    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    MarkJ, I can see you're unhappy with the delivery of your card. It's certainly not our intent to disrespect you or any ...

    Terrible and Spiteful service

    Oct 22, 2016

    Here I am in Cambodia for long term periods of time. I was mysteriously locked out of my acct.s by USAA on 14 Oct.It is impossible...

    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    Cambodia, I can see your unhappy with the handling of your account. I've located your information and forwarded it to a...

    4 Tips to Prevent Lost Boxes

    Oct 19, 2016

    How do you prevent the majority of your household goods from being lost in transit!? Labels, tape, the help of a few social media groups and the willingness to micromanage could go a long way in preventing your boxes from being lost during a move.


    Oct 22, 2016

    Just received a call from 210-405-8722. Person stated they were with USAA and needed to "update" my account infornation. Asked if ...

    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    Professional Surveys Inc. or PSI, is a trusted vendor contracted to update data that USAA has on file for you. This ens...

    Horrible service from USAA through NationStar Home Loans

    Oct 22, 2016

    I'm curious if other USAA members are experiencing the same problems I am with the recent transition to NationStar for my USAA Hom...

    It is time to increase our savings account APY!

    Oct 22, 2016

    I have three young boys. Each of them have a USAA savings account where a percentage of birthday money and allowances goes. They a...

    Harry Tuttle's avatar
    Harry Tuttle
    Ben, I have no reason to contact USAA financial services, I've already played that song and dance. I will be contacting...
    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    Harry, I'm sorry that my response was not to your satisfaction. Regrettably, I'm not a licensed financial adviser to pr...

    Living in Germany – Meet Courtney

    Oct 14, 2016

    Living and working in Germany can be an enjoyable adventure. Check out our interview with Courtney, from the milspouse blog Courtney at Home. Prost!

    My Budget Woes

    Oct 22, 2016

    I'm really excited about using USAA for all my financial planning, but i'm having issues with 'my budget'. It does not reflect act...

    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    Socal-Dude, this is something our Website Support can address with you. Please reach them at 877-632-300. Have a great ...

    Web pay double charges on checks.

    Oct 22, 2016

    I have been having major issues with using the webpay method recently. They have double charged 5 times in the last 6 months. That...

    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    Bremrird, Thank you for taking my call today so I can best assist you. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention...

    Need help

    Oct 22, 2016

    My ex husband sent me child support from Chase bank to Usaa. He does it every month for 8 years. Well in August the money was sent...

    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    Audigoo, I'm sorry to hear of this mishap. I appreciate you bringing this to our attention and allowing the opportunity...

    New Depository Agreement

    Oct 22, 2016

    Trying to determine the implications of the new depository and disclosure agreement that my toddler children received in the mail ...

    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    Member8674, Thank you for your question. Any account inactive for one year can be closed due to inactivity. Prior to th...

    NFL Sponsorship

    Sep 11, 2016

    Given the current disrespectful behavior of overpaid primadonna NFL players towards our nation, the military, and law enforcement,...

    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    Concerned Airman, Thank you for your membership and we appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with us. W...
    Concerned Airman's avatar
    Concerned Airman
    Meredeth, You have missed the mark. You claim you advertise on the NFL to honor us, obviously from the number of compla...

    Samsung pay

    Sep 22, 2016

    For the love of all that is great PLEASE get samsung pay going for debit cards!!!

    JS4's avatar
    I just activated my USAA VISA card in Samsung Pay! Hooray! Thanks USAA.See the following USAA news release:https://comm...
    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    C Stephen, We understand the importance of providing services our members want. We can assure you Samsung Pay is coming...

    Deposit Holds

    Aug 15, 2016

    My husband and I have been a USAA members for 4 years. We have been using mobile deposit for over 2 years. Today, for the first ti...

    Celeste USAA's avatar
    Celeste USAA
    Voice of Reason, Thank you for your comments. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we may be of further assistance t...
    Voice of Reason's avatar
    Voice of Reason
    Had to LOL at the ridiculous Constitution jibberish which is not even applicable in this situation. Your Constitutional...

    USAA bumper sticker

    Sep 15, 2016

    How do I get a USAA bumper sticker? I would like 2 ,for the the 2 vehicals I have insured with USAA.

    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    JOG83, We appreciate your membership, and I would be happy to order a couple of bumper stickers for you. Please allow u...
    JOG83's avatar
    This is so cool! May I please get two for my old car and the new one im gonna get using car buying service with yall!

    Customer Service

    Sep 8, 2016

    I have been insured by USAA since 1960 as a USNavy dependent. Upon graduation from OCS in 1967 6I became a member and have been so...

    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    Shipmate - To answer your question regarding complaints - the ratio of complaints versus active policies was.0004 for h...
    USAA Social Service's avatar
    USAA Social Service
    ShipMate929, I'm sorry to hear you have not been contacted. I will be happy to check on the status. -Cynthia

    Need contact person

    Aug 20, 2016

    I'd like one person I can call to handle my issues. I'm not getting the support I need on my mortgage escrow, where is it going? I...

    NSueZ's avatar
    Dear USAA I feel for the USAA member as this is a fairly common situation where USAA thinks they have resolved a situat...
    thomasrd's avatar
    I received a email from AAA about the escrow usaa says was sent. They have not received anything from USAA. Therefore m...

    Insurance claims

    Sep 2, 2016

    I have been a USAA member now for over 40 years and have usually been pleased with the treatment and service I have received. In 2...

    Phantom Cobra's avatar
    Phantom Cobra
    As a former claims adjuster, I can tell you that loss of value due to an accident is as common as buying and selling ca...
    Hmathieu's avatar
    Small claims not smell claims. Sorry for that typo.

    New Visa chip debit card and Apple Pay

    Jul 31, 2016

    So I just got my new Visa chip debit card. I am an avid Apple Pay user. My MC debit was in Apple Pay.You can imagine my surprise w...

    Gus USAA's avatar
    Gus USAA
    rica_sher, Thank you for sharing your feedback in the Community. USAA does support and offer Android Pay to our members...
    rica_sher's avatar
    If it makes you feel any better, USAA never supported Android Pay. This bank is truly behind the times.

    NationStar - Waiting for the bottom??

    Aug 4, 2016

    Aftger 30 years with USAA I'm waiting for the bottom to kick in for USAA continued deteriorating Customer Service. I use to recomm...

    Celeste USAA's avatar
    Celeste USAA
    Puzzled, We sincerely regret your experience and understand your frustration with this situation. We apologize for this...
    Puzzled's avatar
    I tried again, and it still didn't work. A USAA Mortgage Services rep "researched" the issue and was told by NSM that t...

    Phone Reps

    Sep 17, 2016

    Anyone calling USAA be very cateful

    FullBird's avatar
    Thomas, you have been whining here for 1/2 a year. You keep threatening to close all your accounts at USAA and never ha...
    thomasrd's avatar
    Thanks, I have. I need further assistance. What should I do? My phone records show I called USAA, the reps here says th...
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