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  • Business Lessons from the Defense of Little Round Top

    One of the best lessons of today for business emerges on the far end of the Gettysburg battlefield with the defense of a small section of the battlefield know as Little Round Top by Colonel Chamberlain and the 20th Maine Infantry.

  • Dude, How’s Your College Savings?

    If you’re making a final run through your movie collection before jumping into the back-to-school routine, these titles may yield some $olid lessons.

  • Are You Prepared for Back-to-School Season?

    “Back-to-school” is now the second largest spending event of the year. How prepared are you for school shopping this year?

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    7 Back to School Money Savings Tips

    Aug 8, 2016

    It’s back to school time! Follow these money saving tips to have a great start to a great new school year.


    Moving is hard. Why not reward yourself in the process?

    Aug 2, 2016

    Welcome to the new Member Community video series, Community Chats. In this episode, JJ Montanaro, a USAA Certified Financial Planner® professional, chats with Greg Jaeger, president of USAA Residential Real Estate Services, Inc., on the current home buying and selling environment and how to use the USAA Real Estate Rewards Network.

    A Letter to Myself - How to Have a More Successful Milita...

    Aug 23, 2016

    Planning, saving money, talking with your family about what is working and what is not working, and making sure you discover and embrace a strong sense of purpose are all ways to have a great military transition.

    Money Manager tool feedback

    Aug 23, 2016

    I can't find anywhere else to provide feedback, so I'll do it out here in the open so to speak. Like a lot of things at USAA I'm s...

    Don't get an auto loan from USAA!!!!

    Aug 23, 2016

    Last week I used the car buying service to look for a new vehicle to trade with my older one. I researched up and down before appl...


    Aug 23, 2016

    To Whom It May Concern,Recently my daughter had her account hacked some way. A check was cashed to her account using a mobile depo...

    Buckeye37's avatar
    Profits over People is the new USAA protocol.
    mngadog's avatar
    The same thing happened to my grandson, and the fraud department said that it was obviously him that made the transacti...

    I’ve Got the Need, the Need to Read – Part 2

    Aug 19, 2016

    Looking for your next book to read? Check out my thoughts on two of my favorite books, All You Need to Know About the Music Business and From Zero to Sideman in 5 Steps - Part 2

    Total Loss/Impossible to contact anyone

    Aug 23, 2016

    On August 8, 2016 a flash flood totaled my car. It has been over two weeks and we are disappointed that when we call and leave ext...

    Lil Jimmy42's avatar
    Lil Jimmy42
    Thank you very much.  Hope we will hear from them tomorrow.
    RobertM_USAA's avatar
    Lil Jimmy42, Thank you for sharing your feedback. We can understand your frustration you are having regarding your tota...

    Beware! Wells Fargo Bait & Switch

    Aug 23, 2016

    My daughter signed on for a student loan to complete her 1-yr nursing program. She was approved for a loan at 5.75% in May and sta...

    Beware! Wells Fargo Student Loan Bait & Swith

    Aug 23, 2016

    My daughter signed on for a student loan to complete her 1-yr nursing program. She was approved for a loan at 5.75% in May and sta...

    Dresius's avatar
    If she signed for the 5.75 then surely its a binding contract??? Hope she didn't reapply and get suckered into a higher...

    The Benefits of a Couples Getaway

    Aug 19, 2016

    Every couple needs to make the time in their schedules for solid communication with no interruptions. Claim the time that is rightfully yours as a couple and reap the benefits.

    Primary and secondary email on account

    Aug 23, 2016

    My mother and father got a divorce. My mother wants her email taken off his account, but he refuses to do it...He is the primary m...

    RobertM_USAA's avatar
    mefromoverhere, Thank you for sharing in Member Community. I will have an insurance specialist reach out to you regardi...
    Peechez's avatar
    Wow that's crazy...when I got divorced the CSR took me off everything immediately once the divorce was verified while I...

    rude phone call

    Aug 23, 2016

    I had the worst experience on the phone today with a USAA representitive first name Cruz (unable to get last name) I work for a do...

    RobertM_USAA's avatar
    sammie17, Thank you for sharing in Member Community. I regret to hear that you had this type of experience. Your feedba...

    Credit card

    Aug 23, 2016

    Okay, I'm still a little confused about this whole changing to MasterCard from Visa. My credit card payment is the 1st of every mo...

    GusUSAA's avatar
    Rimderek10, Than you for posting in the Community. We regret to hear of your payment concern. We have shared your comme...


    Aug 23, 2016

    It's funny how I try to make a payment on my negative account balance since usaa refuses to work with me on the fraud charge that ...

    STMG's avatar
    I'm dealing with some similar BS!
    CelesteUSAA's avatar
    B2222, Thank you for following up with us. We' re sorry to hear you feel this way. Our records indicate that you have s...

    Savings, Checking and CC accounts Disappeared!

    Jul 14, 2016

    My savings, checking and CC accounts disappeared from both my mobile app and desktop app. DISAPPEARED! I am hoping this is a tempo...

    Cynthia USAA's avatar
    Cynthia USAA
    saaked, I have engaged a colleague to review your specific situation further and contact you to address your concerns. ...
    saaked's avatar
    My account has been hacked 2 days ago. There seemed to be a major bug in their system that hackers got into their syste...


    Jul 11, 2016

    Just got an email from USAA about mortgage being sold to Nationstar. The email stated I'd receive the same service that USAA provi...

    RussRimm's avatar
    Since you posted that, they've already bumped from D to A+ on BBB. Seems kinda fishy?
    Concerned too's avatar
    Concerned too
    USADA, which part of suck are you missing? They have an F rating with BBB. What more do you need.

    Disappointed in your Photo of USAA Mag. Mrs. Obama and Mr...

    Jun 7, 2016

    Hello All: I am extremely disappointed with the USAA Magazine that I received the other day. #230863-0516.The front cover has a pi...

    Phantom Cobra's avatar
    Phantom Cobra
    WOW! I am very disappointed in the hate mongering of the Trump supporters writing on here. The President and the Vice P...
    Cynthia USAA's avatar
    Cynthia USAA
    vietnam dustoff, Veteran hiring and homelessness are important, non-partisan, non-political issues which require greate...

    USAA is FAILING... Miserably

    Jun 9, 2016

    " WE KNOW WHAT IT MEANS TO SERVE" USAA's motto that steals from the sacrifice men and women in uniform make is total BULL. USAA ha...

    B-Rob1's avatar
    I'm an officer currently serving OCONUS and I think you've missed the mark in regards to "small niche for officers, cad...
    Chaster TX's avatar
    Chaster TX
    I share your frustration. While not the same circumstances, I too have found that USAA is a shell of what they once wer...

    Please support Microsoft Wallet tap to pay.

    Jun 22, 2016

    Microsoft now has a tap to pay app my USAA credit card does not work. Please support this.

    Cynthia USAA's avatar
    Cynthia USAA
    LaRae White, Thank you for your inquiry. Currently, there is no update on the availability of Microsoft Wallet. We cont...
    LaRae White's avatar
    LaRae White
    Any news on getting support for MS Wallet with USAA?

    Do they care?

    Jun 7, 2016

    I have a Mortgage with USAA. I have it in my contract that my payments will never change. Ready for the mess up. It change and no ...

    Bent Over Vet's avatar
    Bent Over Vet
    Please submit a complaint to HUD and the Consmber Financial Protection Agency as well
    Bent Over Vet's avatar
    Bent Over Vet
    You have never tried to or gotten a mortgage through USAA have you?Never had to qualify or go throught the BS USAA puts...

    Substandard Customer Service

    Jun 10, 2016

    After cancelling my wife's credit card in error, USAA has been either unable or unwilling to get us a new card. 5+ hours of phone ...

    GusUSAA's avatar
    Crosby, Thank you for posting in the Community. We regret to hear of the service you have encountered. If you were prov...
    Crosby's avatar
    My husband and I have had all of our insurance with USAA for thirty years. We have banked there for a few years. I am b...


    Jun 2, 2016

    I was called on 20 May and informed that someone had been able to "con" a USAA CSR into writing a cashier's check on one of my acc...

    GusUSAA's avatar
    HoustonAJG, We regret to hear you feel this way about your experience.After confirming with a colleague, it appears you...
    HoustonAJG's avatar
    It is now August. Still no resolution. Have tried calling each of the contacts I have both direct lines and customer se...


    Jul 23, 2016

    Was in ptsd program for over a month. Got out last week to find out my entire benefits check was stolen by USAA in overdraft fees ...

    GusUSAA's avatar
    MaryShelley, We regret to hear about the experience your son has had with USAA. If you have your son reach out to us re...
    MaryShelley's avatar
    Yes, USAA is a business; however, before depleting someone's bank account on overdraft fees, shouldn't a BUSINESS have ...

    How do you disable Cybercode

    Jul 1, 2016

    I made the mistake of activating the cybercode option for and now I am unable to switch back to computer recognition. I f...

    Cynthia USAA's avatar
    Cynthia USAA
    RJS34, I regret to hear of the issue you are experiencing. I will be sure to forward your feedback. Please do reach out...
    RJS34's avatar
    I to, only have the cybercode text and cybercode token options in my Logon methods area. I am also very frustrated with...
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